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About us

NextStep Training Ltd is an independent training provider based in London. We deliver a range of funded courses to employed and unemployed people under the Traineeship, Apprenticeships and Skills Support for Workforce (SSW) programmes. Our clients are mainly located across London and South East of England. Our broad range of training courses are designed to suit individual learners’ and employers’ skills need to meet the challenge of ever changing job market.

We work closely with employers, job agencies and a number of voluntary organisations to ensure that all training programmes match each individual’s own goal. Setting clear objectives ensures our learners have a positive attitude toward learning, life and enjoy the learning journey with us. We aim to enhance the opportunities and development of all our learners and are committed to raising standards in adult learning and helping people into employment and career progression.

We are a Matrix accredited training centre providing advice and guidance to match all of our learners’ career aspirations.


NextStep Training aims to…

“Help individuals from all walks of life and to realise their potentials they have within them by providing a positive learning experience by accompanying, supporting on their all stages of learning journey with quality, passion and commitment.”


The organisation values and celebrates the richness of culture, backgrounds and traditions.

We believe that everyone has hidden potentials within them. Individuals should have access to sufficient information to make right choices for their own development a high quality of training, guidance and support provision before, during and after their learning experience


NextStep Training aims to be 

“An empowered organisation who can disseminate its high quality training provision by imparting the knowledge, skills, desire and opportunity to succeed in a way that leads to a collective personal and organisational success.”