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This course is a great entry level start for someone who wants to kick-start a career in hospitality. A range of options available. Starting from waiter/waitress, bar staff, barista etc.

Retail & Sales

This course is designed for people that want to work as a retail assistant, shop assistant, sales assistant etc.

Customer Service

This course is excellent option for someone who likes to deal with customers on a regular basis such as customer support assistant, receptionist, shop assistant, customer service kiosk assistant etc.

IT Support

A beginner role for IT support technician who wants to start their career in fixing PCs, Laptops or mobile phones. The roles can vary based on the business types such as IT help, desk technician, or first line support etc.

Child Care

This route is for the people that want to start their career in child care or early years education. The role can be as a nursery assistant or early year's educators.

Health & Social Care

For people who are looking to start their career in care industries. Roles can be residential care worker, adult care worker or social care support worker etc.

Business Administration

Business Administrator roles varies widely based on the business needs. It can be office assistant, office Administrator, administrative support assistant, receptionist  or data entry clerk.

Cleaning and Support Service

Cleaning and Support service has a wide variety of roles. Can be residential cleaner, office cleaner or housekeeper in hotels.