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Why Choose Us?

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What distinguishes us from others?

We got 4 points which make us stand out from other colleges and training providers.


We offer flexible approach towards learning, focusing on learners’ need such a variety of teaching activities and resources such as online media and class workshop. Classes take place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. However, the tutors offer their availability to set target programmes to students who need to match their learning programme with other commitments. In addition to it, each programme expects some unites to be performed on the computer and therefore, if the learner wishes, this can be carried remotely. We aim to create an environment where learners can learn and develop their skills further by offering all the flexibility they need.


For us, it is essential to create a friendly environment where students can learn and enjoy the class at the same time. The tutors are skills and expert in reaching each student’s potentials and contribute as they evolve. Tutors have a regular face-to-face meeting with each learner to ensure that their expectations are met.
Our aim is not only to offer the learners a training programme but also a career development. We support them to build a CV, a Cover Letter, and how to approach a work interview.


We believe that students are most productive when the learning process is interactive and fun. Our tutors focus on establishing two ways of communication with the learners rather than using a traditional teaching method such as one to many. Tutors will set scenarios to simulate the real world, and they will assign tasks and projects to the learners. The objective is to give a theoretical and practical insight into the work process to our learners so that we will be thoroughly trained and do work in a work environment.


All our traineeship and apprenticeship programmes include a work placement so that the learner will be able to develop his or her practical skills within the learning process. Nextstep Training has established a vast network of employers which guarantees learners to start their work experience within the first weeks they are enrolled.

Tutors organise a Team Building day at London Field Park with one of our classes. The day involved many fun and social actitivies. Which teams is the winner?

Watch it!

One of the tutors set a scenario within the Business Administration course to develop practical skills in customer service.